Cisco, RIM Follow-Ups

Apparently, someone at the Motley Fool agrees Cisco (CSCO) is cheap at these prices (~$17): Not that having others agree with us should mean anything – confirmation bias is hugely detrimental to successful investing and must be guarded against at all times. At times, investors must have enough courage of their convictions to take [...]


5 Retail & Tech Stocks Worth A Look


Cisco Too Cheap To Ignore

Cisco Systems, Inc (CSCO) is the leading maker of networking equipment for business/enterprise applications. With a 70% share in the ethernet switching market, Cisco is well-positioned to take advantage of the continued growth of data transfer via networks and the internet. The company’s dominant position translates to stellar free cash flow generation and its balance [...]

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Tracking Portfolios of Boone Pickens & Jim Puplava

Readers can scan Pickens’ hedge fund holdings in  BP Capital in spreadsheet form here. His activity in Q4 2009 suggests a strong bullish stance. As Pickens is an oil man, it is no surprise that nearly all his holdings are energy-related. BP Capital does not typically have a large number of stocks in its portfolio [...]

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123rd Edition of The Festival of Stocks

Welcome to the january 12th, 2009 edition of the Festival of Stocks, hosted this week by the Enlightened American site.  Below, you’ll find a selection of posts covering a wide array of topics in investing and personal finance.  You can find more information on the Festival of Stocks here. More on this topic (What's this?) [...]